Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Anwendungen digitaler Hochgeschwindigkeitsvideokameras

By Margrit Gelautz, Wolfgang Vogl, and Manfred Schmutz


The growing availability and affordability of digital high-speed video cameras opens the door to new applications in the areas of digital image processing and photogrammetry. The Institute for Software Technology and Interactive Systems at Vienna University of Technology operates a MotionPro 2000 digital high-speed video camera (Redlake), which allows frame rates up to 2000 frames/sec. The high temporal resolution gives new insight into dynamic processes that could not be observed with sufficient quality by conventional video analysis. In this paper, we present selected examples of high-speed video analyses in the areas of musical instrument manufacturing, biomechanics, and dance, which are related to ongoing research projects at academic institutions and companies in the Vienna area. The presented applications are illustrated by recorded high-speed video material.


M. Gelautz, W. Vogl, M. Schmutz: "Anwendungen digitaler Hochgeschwindigkeitsvideokameras"; Österreichische Zeitschrift für Vermessung und Geoinformation, 92 (2004), 1; 3 - 11.


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