Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Interactive Presentation of 3D Remote Sensing Data on the Internet

By Margrit Gelautz, Florian Kilzer, and Michael Brandejsky


The interactive presentation of 3D remote sensing data on the internet presents a challenging task for ongoing research on geoscientific visualization. In this presentation, we discuss the potential use of the new X3D (eXtensible3D) Standard, which has been introduced recently by the Web3D Consortium for the unified specification of 3D content on the web. We present a case study in which we employ X3D for the geoscientific visualization of an interferometric (InSAR) data set of Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. Our test data include a DEM derived from NASA's SRTM mission as well as deformation measurements computed from ERS-2 interferometric phase observations. Geocoded 2D images and digital maps are used as texture that can be superimposed onto the 3D surface model. We give an overview of the modeling and animation of the Kilauea test set using X3D features and tools and demonstrate the web-based user interaction with the displayed 3D scene.


M. Gelautz, F. Kilzer, M. Brandejsky: "Interactive Presentation of 3D Remote Sensing Data on the Internet"; Poster: 6th Geomatic Week, Barcelona; 02-08-2005 - 02-11-2005; in: "High Resolution Sensors and Their Applications", (2005).


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