Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Cash Flow - A Visualization Framework for 3D Flow Data

Thesis by Michael Kalkusch

Supervision by Dieter Schmalstieg


The main contribution of this work is the fusion of scientific visualization algorithms and a scene graph resulting in a dynamic creation of the data flow model being used. The most important flow visualization techniques will be introduced in this thesis. The current state of the art was analyzed by comparing the most important software packages with a special focus on data flow models being used.

CashFlow is based on an object-oriented, dynamic data flow model, which is configurable by an XML-similar file. This proposed dynamic data flow model is based on in direct and indirect linking on nodes inside a scene graph. Thus two loosely coupled corresponding data flow networks are available in addition. The conventional possibility of linking nodes inside the scene graph using their data-fields is also on-hand. In the context of this thesis the CashFlow prototype was implemented1 demonstrating the proposed concepts. In order to be able to focus on essential aspects the implementation of CashFlow is based on Coin3D, an open source OpenInventor library published by Systems-In-Motion.

The number of numerical simulation evolved rapidly since the early 80th, especially in the field of computer assisted engineering (CAE) sponsored by the automobile industry. The two separate worlds of numerical simulation and real-time graphics approach each other. CashFlow shall be one small contribution establishing ties between these two worlds.


M. Kalkusch: "Cash Flow - A Visualization Framework for 3D Flow Data"; Supervisor: D. Schmalstieg; Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme, E188/2, 2005.


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