Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Learning Objects for Education with Augmented Reality

By Hannes Kaufmann and Marion Papp


To fill the gap of next-generation user interfaces for mathematics and geometry education Construct3D is presented, a three-dimensional dynamic geometry construction tool that can be used in high school and university education. This system uses Augmented Reality (AR) to provide a natural setting for face-to-face collaboration of teachers and students. The main advantage of using AR is that students actually see three dimensional objects which they until now had to calculate and construct with traditional (mostly pen and paper) methods (Figure 1). By working directly in 3D space, complex spatial problems and spatial relationships may be comprehended better and faster than with traditional methods. This paper summarizes the development of learning objects and content specifically designed for teaching dynamic 3D geometry in Augmented Reality. It concentrates on pedagogical findings while working with teachers and students in more than 500 teaching lessons.


H. Kaufmann, M. Papp: "Learning Objects for Education with Augmented Reality"; in: "Proceedings of EDEN 2006 Conference", European Distance and E-Learning Network, 2006, ISBN: 9630600633, 160 - 166.


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