Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Multiple Head Mounted Displays in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications

By Hannes Kaufmann and Mathis Csisinko


With the recent introduction of low cost head mounted displays (HMDs), prices of HMD-based virtual reality setups dropped considerably. In various application areas personal head mounted displays can be utilized for groups of users to deliver different context sensitive information to individual users. We present a hardware setup that allows to attach 12 or more HMDs to a single PC. Finally we demonstrate how a collaborative, educational, augmented reality application is used by six students wearing HMDs on a single PC simultaneously with interactive framerates.


H. Kaufmann, M. Csisinko: "Multiple Head Mounted Displays in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications"; The International Journal of Virtual Reality, 6 (2007), 2; 43 - 50.


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