Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Design Methodology for the SVENm Multimedia Engine

By Florian Seitner, Josef Meser, Gerold Schedelberger, Andreas Wasserbauer, Michael Bleyer, Margrit Gelautz, Markus Schutti, Ralf Michael Schreier, Premysl Vaclavik, Gerald Krottendorfer, Günther Truhlar, Thomas Bauernfeind, and Philipp Beham


The high computational demands of modern multimedia applications such as the H.264 video coding standard pose serious challenges on current hardware architectures. A natural way to tackle this problem is the use of multi-core systems. In this work, we introduce a high-level simulator, the Partition Assessment Tool. This tool supports the development of efficient and application-optimized multi-core video coding systems.

An application of the Partition Assessment Tool is demonstrated. We introduce a new multi-processor multimedia chip called SVENm. This programmable architecture targets multimedia applications with a special focus on video encoding and decoding. A description of SVENm´s architecture is provided. We give insights on how the Partition Assessment Tool is used to find an optimized multi-core partitioning of an H.264 video decoder on the SVENm architecture. This partitioning is optimized in terms of computational complexity, software parallelization and displaying.


F. Seitner, J. Meser, G. Schedelberger, A. Wasserbauer, M. Bleyer, M. Gelautz, M. Schutti, R. Schreier, P. Vaclavik, K. Krottendorfer, G. Truhlar, T. Bauernfeind, P. Beham: "Design Methodology for the SVENm Multimedia Engine"; Poster: 16th Austrian Workshop on Microelectronics (Austrochip), Linz (invited); 10-08-2008; in: "Proc. of the 16th Austrian Workshop on Microelectronics", (2008).


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