Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Development of d*star: A novel Spatial Ability Test in Virtual Environments

By Mathis Csisinko


We present d*star, a spatial ability test in an immersive Virtual Environment. In this project we are developing a dynamic test (consisting of a pretest, training phase and a posttest) in order to gain insight into a person's potential and improvements in solving spatial tasks. Equipped with tracked stereo head mounted displays, the participant is enabled to walk around and view 3D test items from different viewpoints. Each test item consists of a sequence of step-by-step instructions and an interactive construction process as the user's response. This talk will focus on the design and development of d*star. A modular building block approach was chosen in order to provide test authoring without code generation. Moreover our work flow was designed to ensure flexibility: Instead of interpreting test configuration files during runtime a tool chain generates self-contained test specifications (including program flow). Furthermore user interface design was strongly influenced by the intended group of users: For almost all participants a lack of experience in Virtual Environments has to be assumed. We will also discuss user interaction aspects specifically to d*star's test setting.


M. Csisinko: "Development of d*star: A novel Spatial Ability Test in Virtual Environments"; Talk: Joint Seminar: Virtual Reality Systems for Psychology, Vienna, Austria; 11-17-2008 - 11-22-2008; in: "Virtual Reality Systems for Psychology", (2008).


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