Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Development of d*star

By Mathis Csisinko


We present d*star, a new spatial ability test, where the participant is embedded in an immersive Virtual Environment. Equipped with tracked stereo head mounted displays, the user is enabled to walk around and view 3D test items from different viewpoints. Each test item consists of a sequence of step-by-step instructions and an interactive construction process as the user's response. In its inherent 3D setting d*star differs from conventional spatial ability tests, where 2D stimuli are presented and the participant has to mentally perform 2D-3D transformation processes. In our spatial ability testing system measurements can take place without such mental transformations, traditional approaches are often criticized for. In this project we are developing a dynamic test (consisting of a pretest, training phase and a posttest) to gain insight into a person's potential and improvements in solving spatial tasks. This talk will give an overview over the development of d*star and some empirical results obtained from the current testing phase.


M. Csisinko: "Development of d*star"; Talk: Winter Augmented Reality Meeting 2008, Graz, Austria; 02-21-2008 - 02-22-2008.


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