Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

A Framework For Perceptual Studies In Photorealistic Augmented Reality

By Martin Knecht, Andreas Dünser, Christoph Traxler, Michael Wimmer, and Raphael Grasset


In photorealistic augmented reality virtual objects are integrated in the real world in a seamless visual manner. To obtain a perfect visual augmentation these objects must be rendered indistinguishable from real objects and should be perceived as such. In this paper we propose a research test bed framework to study the different unresolved perceptual issues in photorealistic augmented reality and its application to different disciplines. The framework computes a global illumination approximation in real-time and therefore leverages a new class of experimental research topics.


M. Knecht, A. Dünser, C. Traxler, M. Wimmer, R. Grasset: "A Framework For Perceptual Studies In Photorealistic Augmented Reality"; Talk: IEEE Virtual Reality, Singapore (invited); 03-19-2011.


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