Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Image and Video Matting (ICCV 2013 Tutorial)

By Ehsan Shahrian Varnousfaderan, Margrit Gelautz, Brian Price, and Ji-Ho Cho


Matting refers to the problem of accurate extraction of foreground objects in images and video, which plays a fundamental role in image and video editing operations. Using matting techniques to create novel composites or to facilitate other editing tasks such as photo enhancement, red-eye correction, foreground object retargeting, and non-photorealistic rendering, has increasingly garnered interest from both professionals and customers alike. In this tutorial, we detail the current state-of-the-art algorithms and trends in image and video matting, review the performance evaluation system, and discuss current challenges and future directions in matting. The tutorial is targeted toward graduate students familiarizing themselves with the field.


E. Varnousfaderan, M. Gelautz, B. Price, J. Cho: "Image and Video Matting (ICCV 2013 Tutorial)"; Talk: ICCV 2013 Tutorial, Sydney; 12-01-2013.


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