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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Backward compatible HDR stereo matching: a hybrid tone-mapping-based framework

By Tara Akhavan and Hannes Kaufmann


Stereo matching under complex circumstances, such as low-textured areas and high dynamic range (HDR) scenes is an ill-posed problem. In this paper we introduce a stereo matching approach for real world HDR scenes which is backward compatible to conventional stereo matchers. For this purpose (i) we compare and evaluate the tone-mapped disparity maps to nd the most suitable tone-mapping approach for the stereo matching purpose. Thereof (ii) we introduce a combining graph-cut based framework for e ectively fusing the tone-mapped disparity maps obtained from di erent tone-mapped input image pairs. And nally (iii) we generate reference ground truth disparity maps for our evaluation using the original HDR images and a customized stereo matching method for HDR inputs. Our experiments show that, combining the most e ective features of tone-mapped disparity maps, an improved version of the disparity is achieved. Not only our results reduce the Low Dynamic Range (LDR), conventional disparity errors by the factor of three, but also, outperform the other well known tone-mapped disparities by providing the closest results to the original HDR disparity maps.


T. Akhavan, H. Kaufmann: "Backward compatible HDR stereo matching: a hybrid tone-mapping-based framework"; EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, 36 (2015), 1 - 18.


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