ATTENTION: This is a web archive! The IMS Group was split up in 2018 and does not exist anymore. Recent work of former members can be found at the VR/AR Group and the Computer Vision Group.

Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

TU Jump Into The Future

Lab project in the area of Media Processing.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Immersion, Virtual Parachute Jump, Immersive Virtual Reality, 3D City Model.

About this Project

Within the project "TU Jump Into The Future", a Virtual Jump Simulator (VJS) was developed that allows users to perform a virtual parachute jump over the city of Vienna. The simulator combines a real physical jump with an immersive 3D simulation, starting from the view out of the virtual plane, the free fall towards the virtual city of Vienna and the landing in the virtual Vienna University of Technology. Tactile cues such as wind and spray as well as sound effects enhance the level of immersion. For the jump, the user is equipped with a head mounted display for 3D scene viewing, a stereo headset and a tailor-made jump suit that is attached by a mechanical rope system to a 3x3x3m bearing structure.

Project Partners

Waagner Biro, Eckermann Design, City of Vienna, BMWFW, Siemens, BIG, OCG, Schrack Seconet

Additional Information

The Jump Phases

The VJS comprises 4 phases: setup, physical jump, free fall and landing.

[JPG] Gala de... — 01_BeforeJump... [JPG] Gala de... — 02_Jump_GalaD...  [JPG] Gala de... — 03_FreeFall_G...  [JPG] Gala de... — 04_Landing_Ga... 
Setup  Physical Jump  Free fall


[PNG] Setup — JumpSuite.png  [JPG] Setup — P1140733.JPG
 The tailor made jump suite.
The mechanical absorber system
[JPG] Setup — BearingStructure.jpg  [JPG] Setup — CAM00463.jpg
 The bearing structure.
 The bearing structure.
 [PNG] Setup — scrennshot04.png
 [PNG] Setup — scrennshot01.png
View on 3D city model upon jump.  The 3D city model during landing.

The Story Behind

The installation "TU Jump Into The Future" was created by the Interactive Media Systems Group of Vienna University of Technology in cooperation with Eckermann Design. It was initially developed for the 200th anniversary of Vienna University of Technology and thus spans an umbrella over the university's history by combining a mechanical system that could have been theoretically built in 1815 with modern virtual reality technology from 2015. Furthermore, the trajectory of the virtual free fall is associated with a 200 year time axis and tell the story of the university's evolution by media objects (e.g. images, sound, narrator) that cross the path of the jumper.


The VJS was tested in more than 250 jump sessions by a wide variety of user groups. For real-life high quality feedback, we cooperate with the professional parachute jumper Ramin Mohammadkhani (licence #: 4984) from Skydive Tirol.

Follow Up

We recently started the follow-up project TU Fly Into the Future that aims at real flying through virtual worlds.

Demonstrations & Exhibitions

Gala der Technik, April 2015, Vienna

In April 2015, "TU Jump Into The Future" was firstly exhibited to the public at the "Gala der Technik" in Vienna where it was tested by more than 20 jumpers, including highly experienced persons such as Franz Viehböck, Austria's first astronaut.

[JPG] Gala de... — _MG_2373.jpg

Project Website

For more information, please visit the project website: