Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Comprehensive Calibration Procedures for Augmented Reality

Thesis by Rainer Splechtna

Supervision by Anton Fuhrmann, Werner Purgathofer, and Dieter Schmalstieg


This work presents a comprehensive set of calibration procedures that consists of all tasks necessary for the calibration of devices commonly used in an AR system, so that correct augmentation of the real environment, i.e. correct alignment of virtual and real world can be achieved. This includes procedures for calibrating projective and head-mounted displays, tracking systems, tracked input devices and props. Since the calibration process has to be done at least once for every hardware set-up, but may have to be repeated in part or completely for each user, prop or device to be included both in the real and the virtual world, we strived for a method that not only delivers good registration results but also can be applied fast and easily.


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