Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Application Management for three-dimensional user interfaces

Thesis by Andreas Zajic

Supervision by Dieter Schmalstieg


This master thesis presents a new approach to the application management of Studierstube, an Augmented Reality system offering a virtual workspace for multi-user collaboration, multi-tasking of applications and network distribution with application migration. The software framework of Studierstube manages a distributed shared scene graph storing graphical data and application data. Building on the already existing implementation of Studierstube, we pursue this concept and take it a step forward by placing applications as nodes in this scene graph structure. Additionally the existing parts of the software are improved by applying extensive Refactoring with the goal in mind, to use the scene graph as a central database and avoid additional “legacy” data structures. Special care is taken to make porting of existing applications as easy as possible, i.e. existing programming interfaces are only slightly modified. Our proposed solution results in a more structured software architecture of the Studierstube runtime system. It extends the scene graph concept towards a general database like structure for storing graphical data, application data and applications as nodes. Applications benefit from scene graph node functionality by being easy to implement by sub classing and the ability to be used in script files like graphical scene graph data.


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