Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Automatic Generation of Graphical User Interfaces in Studierstube

Thesis by Valerie Maquil

Supervision by Dieter Schmalstieg


Studierstube is a system build to develop collaborative augmented reality applications. Interaction in this system is realised by means of the Personal Interaction Panel (PIP), composed of a notebook-sized handheld panel and a pen. Traditional interaction elements are projected on this panel to enable widget interaction and parameter manipulation. To create a user interface on this panel, each interaction object needs to be placed individually on the panel with an explicit transformation. This approach however implies that creating and changing the layout of a user interface takes a lot of time. This thesis presents a new system able to automatically generate graphical user interfaces in Studierstube. Therefore, all application’s functions need to be specified by means of a tree of state variables and commands, whose structure is then analysed in order to compute a GUI for this application. The process used to generate the GUI is adopted by the PUC system presented by Nichols et al.


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