Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

iOrb - Unifying Command and 3D Input for Mobile Augmented Reality

By Gerhard Reitmayr, Chris Chiu, Alexander Kusternig, Michael Kusternig, and Hannes Witzmann


Input for mobile augmented reality systems is notoriously difficult. Three dimensional visualization would be ideally accompanied with 3D interaction, but accurate tracking technology usually relies on fixed infrastructure and is not suitable for mobile use. Command input is simpler but usually tied to devices that are not suitable for 3D interaction and therefore require an additional mapping. The standard mapping is to use image plane techniques relative to the users view. We present a new concept - the iOrb - that combines simple 3D interaction for selection and dragging with a 2D analog input channel suitable for command input in mobile applications.


To appear in Proceedings of the IEEE VR 2005 Workshop on New Directions in 3D User Interfaces. 2005. Bonn, Germany.