Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Collaborative Augmented Reality for Outdoor Navigation and Information Browsing

By Gerhard Reitmayr and Dieter Schmalstieg


Augmented reality (AR) can provide an excellent user interface for visualization in a mobile computing application. The user´s view is augmented with location based information at the correct spatial location, thus providing an intuitive way of presenting such information. In this work we demonstrate the use of AR for collaborative navigation and information browsing tasks in an urban environment. A navigation function allows one or more users to roam through a city and guides them to selected destinations. Information browsing presents users with information about objects in their surrounding. Both functions feature support for collaboration. The developed system does not only concentrate on the user interface aspects but also provides a scalable infrastructure to support mobile applications. To this end we developed a 3-tier architecture to manage a common data model for a set of applications. It is inspired by current Internet application frameworks and consists of a central storage layer using a common data model, a transformation layer responsible for filtering and adapting the data to the requirements of a particular applications on request, and finally of the applications itself.


G. Reitmayr, D. Schmalstieg: "Collaborative Augmented Reality for Outdoor Navigation and Information Browsing"; in: "Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Location Based Services and TeleCartography", TU Wien, 2004, 53 - 62.


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