Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

ARTiFICe - Augmented Reality Framework for Distributed Collaboration

By Annette Mossel, Christian Schönauer, Georg Gerstweiler, and Hannes Kaufmann


This paper introduces a flexible and powerful software framework based on an off the shelf game engine which is used to develop distributed and collaborative virtual and augmented reality applications. We describe ARTiFICe´s flexible design and implementation and demonstrate its use in research and teaching where 97 students in 2 lab courses developed AR applications with it. Applications are presented on mobile, desktop and immersive systems using low cost 6-DOF input devices (Microsoft Kinect, Razer Hydra, SpaceNavigator), that we integrated into our framework.


A. Mossel, C. Schönauer, G. Gerstweiler, H. Kaufmann: "ARTiFICe - Augmented Reality Framework for Distributed Collaboration"; The International Journal of Virtual Reality, 11 (2012), 3; 1 - 7.


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