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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

PS Move API: A Cross-Platform 6DoF Tracking Framework

By Thomas Perl, Benjamin Venditti, and Hannes Kaufmann


With the introduction of 6DoF motion controllers for game consoles, low cost hardware for 3D interaction became widely available. However, no fully-featured software solution for 6DoF tracking exists that takes advantage of the PlayStation (PS) Move Motion Controller without additional hardware. We designed, developed and evaluated a library - the PS Move API - that enables developers to use the PS Move Motion Controller as 6DoF input device in combination with a camera. Initially we solved hardware related problems such as pairing and communication over USB and Bluetooth. In this paper we describe how we perform visual tracking and sensor fusion, combining visual and inertial data. Performance results show that multiple controllers can be tracked simultaneously in real time. Developers using the library can choose between a low-level C API or higher-level abstractions in Python, Java, C# or the Processing framework. The library is open source, has been developed and tested on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and is released under a Simplified BSD License. It also runs on mobile Linux distributions such as MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan and Android. The full source code is available on the PS Move API website at


T. Perl, B. Venditti, H. Kaufmann: "PS Move API: A Cross-Platform 6DoF Tracking Framework"; Talk: Workshop on Off The Shelf Virtual Reality, IEEE Virtual Reality, Orlando, FL, USA; 03-16-2013; in: "Proceedings of the Workshop on Off-The-Shelf Virtual Reality", (2013), 8 pages.


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