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Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Visualisierungs- und Interaktionstechniken für das Lernen komplexer Bewegungen mit HMD

Thesis by Georg Gerstweiler

Supervision by Hannes Kaufmann and Christian Schönauer


Learning motion skills in Virtual Reality environments requires not only a precise motion tracking system, but also adequate visualization possibilities of human motions and real-time feedback. Current head mounted displays allow users of such systems a realistic and immersive experience. For that reason, the work is presenting various visualization methods for complex motion sequences in VR in order to support the process of motion learning. The developed methods are especially adapted for use in systems equipped with a real-time motion detection system and an HMD as visual output device. The work at hand is presenting two different methods for observing complex holistic movement sequences of an avatar. Another four advanced visualization techniques are explored for viewing the training environment, which have advantages especially if the movement contains rotations that force the user to look away from the avatar. In addition, three variants have been developed to provide a visual and active user feedback, by presenting the motion error in realtime or as a summary. For autonomous control of the implemented techniques, three possibilities for interaction were integrated into the environment and analyzed for their suitability in context of motor learning. A report on a conducted study with nine users shows the acceptance of the developed visualization and interaction techniques based on a complex exercise of Taekwondo.


G. Gerstweiler: "Visualisierungs- und Interaktionstechniken für das Lernen komplexer Bewegungen mit HMD"; Supervisor: H. Kaufmann, C. Schönauer; Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme, 2015; final examination: 11-30-2015.


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