Interactive Media Systems, TU Wien

Iana Podkosova

BSc MSc — Position: PhD Student


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0606 Hand Interaction in Mixed Reality Use the newest depth sensing technologies to develop intuitive hand interaction techniques for Mixed Reality applications! I. Podkosova, C. Schönauer Details
0605 3D Object Detection from RGB-D and Material Data in AR/VR Applications Experiment with the newest depth sensing technologies and develop tools to test their suitability for certain object detection and reconstruction… I. Podkosova, C. Schönauer, H. Kaufmann Details
0542 Distributed multi-user VR with full body motion capture The goal of this topic is to research presence-related questions in a distributed VR system with full-body motion capture. Hardware and software: -… I. Podkosova Details
0541 Collision Prediction in a walkable VR environment The topic concerns highly immersive VR systems (HMD + head tracking in large scale) where multiple users can simultaneously explore virtual… I. Podkosova Details
0532 VRGroup - Natural Distributed Hand Interaction The goal of the task is to enable users of an immersive VR game to take virtual objects with virtual hands, smoothly pass them from one hand to… I. Podkosova Details
0478 Immersive VR platform in Unreal engine The general task is the development of a fully immersive multi-user VR system in Unreal Engine. Several students can work on different sub-tasks. Two… I. Podkosova Details