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Abstraction and Implementation Strategies for Augmented Reality Authoring Augmented Reality (AR) application development is still lacking advanced authoring tools - even the simple presentation of information, which should… F. Ledermann, I. Barakonyi, D. Schmalstieg Details
Semantics in Content-based Multimedia Retrieval H. Eidenberger, M. Zaharieva: "Semantics in Content-based Multimedia Retrieval"; in: "Multimedia Semantics - The Role of Metadata", Springer, 2007,… H. Eidenberger, M. Zaharieva Details
Modeling Treatment Processes Using Information Extraction Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are important means to improve the quality of care by supporting medical staff. Modeling CPGs in a… K. Kaiser, S. Miksch Details


Biological Model for Information Retrieval Heuristic methods based on biological aspects have been successfully used in many computer science areas of research, including information retrieval… M. Girgis, A. Aly, B. Latef, B. El-Gamil Details
Managing Complex Augmented Reality Models Mobile augmented reality requires georeferenced data to present world-registered overlays. To cover a wide area and all artifacts and activities, a… D. Schmalstieg, G. Schall, D. Wagner, I. Barakonyi, G. Reitmayr, J. Newman, F. Ledermann Details
Experimental Combination of Intensity and Stereo Edges for Improved Snake Segmentation In this paper, we present an algorithm to combine edge information from stereo-derived disparitymaps with edges from the original intensity/color… D. Markovic, M. Gelautz Details
Graph-cut-based Stereo Matching using Image Segmentation with Symmetrical Treatment of Occlusions This paper describes a dense stereo matching algorithm for epipolar rectified images. The method applies colour segmentation on the reference image.… M. Bleyer, M. Gelautz Details
Multiple Head Mounted Displays in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications With the recent introduction of low cost head mounted displays (HMDs), prices of HMD-based virtual reality setups dropped considerably. In various… H. Kaufmann, M. Csisinko Details
Warning: Subtle Aspects of Strategy Assessment may Affect Correlations Among Spatial Tests In this study, preliminary to a larger experiment, 42 participants completed four different spatial tests and, after each test, a strategy… J. Glück, A. Dünser, K. Steinbügl, H. Kaufmann Details
Im Medienzeitäther - Aktuelle Trends in der Multimedia-Forschung H. Eidenberger: "Im Medienzeitäther - Aktuelle Trends in der Multimedia-Forschung"; iX - Magazin für Professionelle Informationstechnik, 11 (2007),… H. Eidenberger Details
Evaluation of content-based image descriptors by statistical methods Evaluation of visual information retrieval systems is usually performed by executing test queries and computing recall- and precision-like measures… H. Eidenberger Details
Free and Open Source Enabling Technologies for Patient-Centric, Guideline-Based Clinical Decision Support: A Survey Objectives: Guideline-based clinical decision support is an emerging paradigm to help reduce error, lower cost, and improve quality in evidence-based… T. Leong, K. Kaiser, S. Miksch Details
Handy sapiens H. Eidenberger: "Handy sapiens"; iX, 2 (2007), 95 - 99. H. Eidenberger Details
How can Information Extraction ease formalizing treatment processes in clinical practice guidelines? A method and its evaluation Objective. Formalizing clinical practice guidelines for a subsequent computer-supported processing is a challenging, but burdensome and… K. Kaiser, C. Akkaya, S. Miksch Details


Distributed Virtual Reality in Education H. Kaufmann: "Distributed Virtual Reality in Education"; Keynote Lecture: 11th IEEE International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time… H. Kaufmann Details
Assessment of Step Determination in a GPS/Compass/IMU System for Personal Positioning Nowadays, there have been great advances in the location technology, even though the user´s location indoor, outdoor is still a challenge. The… E. Herrera, H. Kaufmann, R. Quiros Details
Analysis of a Kalman Approach for a Pedestrian Positioning System in Indoor Environments In this work we present the design principles of a wearable positioning system for users in unprepared indoor environments. We describe the most… E. Herrera, R. Quiros, H. Kaufmann Details
A Meta Schema for Evidence Information in Clinical Practice Guidelines as a Basis for Decision-Making Clinical practice guidelines are an important instrument to aid physicians during medical diagnosis and treatment. Currently, different guideline… K. Kaiser, S. Miksch, P. Martini, A. Öztürk Details
Summary of Usability Evaluations of an Educational Augmented Reality Application We summarize three evaluations of an educational augmented reality application for geometry education, which have been conducted in 2000, 2003 and… H. Kaufmann, A. Dünser Details
Formalizing 'Living Guidelines' using LASSIE: A Multi-step Information Extraction Method Living guidelines are documents presenting up-to-date and state-of- the-art knowledge to practitioners. To have guidelines implemented by… K. Kaiser, S. Miksch Details
A Macroblock-level Analysis on the Dynamic Behaviour of an H.264 Decoder This work targets the optimization of multi-processor H.264 decoder implementations. We have extended the simulator of a multi-core VLIW media… F. Seitner, R. Schreier, M. Bleyer, M. Gelautz Details
Embedding the Evidence Information in Guideline Representation Languages Clinical practice guidelines are widely used to support medical staff in treatment planning and decision-making, whereas, the classification of… A. Öztürk, K. Kaiser, P. Martini, S. Miksch Details
Affordable Infrared-Optical Pose Tracking for Virtual and Augmented Reality In this paper, we describe the hard- and software of a new low-cost infrared-optical pose-tracking system for room-sized virtual environments. The… T. Pintaric, H. Kaufmann Details
Towards a Universal Implementation of 3D User Interaction Techniques This paper presents a versatile - write once, use everywhere - approach of standardizing the development of three-dimensional user interaction… M. Csisinko, H. Kaufmann Details
Towards Integrated Authoring, Annotation, Retrieval, Adaptation, Personalization and Delivery of Multimedia Content We describe the CoCoMA task of the DELOS II European Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries. CoCoMA aims at the unification of the most important… H. Eidenberger, S. Boll, S. Christodoulakis, D. Divotkey, K. Leopold, A. Martin, A. Perego, A. Scherp, C. Tsinaraki Details


Medical Terminology Systems Medical terminologies provide a powerful instrument to both abstract medical information or to enrich it in order to make it better understandable.… K. Kaiser Details


Learning Objects for Geometry Education with Augmented Reality H. Kaufmann: "Learning Objects for Geometry Education with Augmented Reality"; Keynote Lecture: Conference on E-Learning in a new Europe (BMUKK) -… H. Kaufmann Details
Final Internship talk at Microsoft Research Cambridge Presentation of current research results in the field of interactive image segmentation and matting. C. Rhemann Details
Entwicklung eines 3D-Raumvorstellungs-Lerntests mit Augmented Reality S. Strauß, I. Strasser, M. Csisinko, H. Kaufmann, J. Glück: "Entwicklung eines 3D-Raumvorstellungs-Lerntests mit Augmented Reality"; Poster: 9.… S. Strauß, I. Strasser, M. Csisinko, H. Kaufmann, J. Glück Details
Mid-Internship talk at Microsoft Research Cambridge Presentation of current research results in the field of interactive image segmentation and matting. C. Rhemann Details
Image Matting Presentation of recent research results in the field of image segmentation and matting. C. Rhemann Details
An Introduction to media research at the IMS C. Rhemann: "An Introduction to media research at the IMS"; Talk: Wintergraph 2007, Nassfeld - Italien; 03-18-2007 - 03-20-2007. C. Rhemann Details


Physics Education in the Field of Mechanics with Virtual Reality PhysicsPlayground is an educational virtual reality application that should help students in understanding the concepts of mechanics in the field of… B. Meyer Details
Pen-based Electronical Medical Record on a Tablet PC in a Medical Practice The medical sector is seen as one of the main areas for future application of pen-operated Tablet PCs. Some hospitals already use tablets for their… D. Mayrhofer Details
Robust Edge-Tracking for Industrial Stitching of Carbon Fibre Mats Using a Laser Range Finder W. Wohlkinger: "Robust Edge-Tracking for Industrial Stitching of Carbon Fibre Mats Using a Laser Range Finder"; Supervisor: M. Gelautz, M. Vincze;… W. Wohlkinger Details
Image Stylization from Stereo Views of Natural Scenes As media technologies have developed over time, generating novel methods of creating, presenting and interacting with visual information, artists… D. Markovic Details
UMLS for Information Extraction M. Kohler: "UMLS for Information Extraction"; Supervisor: K. Kaiser, S. Miksch; Institut für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme, 2007. M. Kohler Details